don’t let your insecurities dim your shine

I just had my very first professional #photoshoot with the highly sought-after @Monicalauphotography. 

The entire process was WONDERFUL and Monica was truly a great gift for me because a photoshoot was both very exciting, but also, very terrifying at the same time.

I booked this photo shoot last year, when I was manifesting pregnancy. I anticipated that August 2021 would be a luxurious maternity photo shoot celebrating my soon to be bundle of joy. 

Last year, I met Monica during my Honolulu Metro BNI networking group and she mentioned wanting to do more maternity portraits. “THIS IS A SIGN” I thought and I booked her right away. Before starting IUI. Before undergoing IVF. All setting my intention for what I wanted.

And as you already know, things didn’t turn out that way. But so is life and LIFE goes on…

My photo shoot had to change direction. So when I approached Monica with my fitness business rebranding and Ostomy awareness, Monica was all for it! 

I write all of this to let you know that despite ME, being a Personal Trainer, posting on social media, showing body pics that display my Ostomy, I still struggle with the same insecurities we all struggle with. 

These statements were some of the noise that was trying really fucking hard to dim my shine during a very wonderful and exciting experience. 

I’m not immune to them. I just no longer allow them to run MY show. They enter into my consciousness; I catch them (by acknowledging them) and then I let them fucking go.

Life’s too short to let your inner critic / negative self talk / insecurities dim your shine, Babe! Don’t waste any more time NOT doing the THING! 

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