coaches need coaches too

I spent a long while fearing carbs. Controlling my weight with low carb diets and shit tons of exercise (mostly cardio). 

Three years ago, I decided I needed a change. It was no longer satisfying to me to be extending so much physical and mental energy for a “mediocre” body. 

I knew deep down there was a better way. I coach the better way to my tribe. Yet, I wasn’t ready then to sit in the uncomfortable embrace of change. 

And then one day, when your’e exhausted at giving so much for so little, you either throw in the towel or you fight to find a better way. 

I chose the latter. Physically, I was ready. Mentally, well, ya’ll know that the mental piece can be an ongoing dance between the Devil 😈 and the Angel 👼. 

So, I did what I’ve been doing these past two years – I sought out those doing it better than me so I could learn from the best. 

I did it with my business by hiring @Jillcoleman who has helped me create what is now 80% of my #personaltraining business gone #virtual. 

I did it again when I sought out training from Dr. Jade Teta for his female metabolism certification. 

I did it a third time when enrolling in @Evefitchick’s Macro Mentorship to improve my macro abilities for the ladies I serve. We start in August! 

And I just did it again, by applying for and so grateful to be accepted to work as a client (me I’m the client) under the @Wonderwoman collective with Coach @JanelleMarks. I’m excited to learn how to do it better first for myself so I can do better for the ladies who trust their wellness to me. 

If you want to learn something, to do something, to be something, reach out to those doing it better than you and ask them how can you learn from them. 

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