self doubt + imposter syndrome

I’ve definitely turned my #passion into #profit.

But it always wasn’t enjoyable. There were times I had tremendous self doubt. Imposter syndrome. Fear of choosing a non transitional way. As a Honolulu Personal Trainer, running your own business is tough!

Born to parents who have worked since their teens. They were used to a different kind of hustle; the back breaking kind.

My mom young and kicked out of the house for getting knocked up with me. 

My dad, a high school drop out so he could support his soon to be expanded family. 

It’s not lost on me that their sacrifice brought me here. And with age, I’ve realized that their mistakes also got me here too. 

It’s funny how with time and experience, you realize that these beings were simply doing the best they knew how. And that has led me to always strive to do better. ♥️

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