set up your home gym, on the cheap!

Setting up a home gym can be done easily and affordably.

Step 1: Space

You don’t need much space, ideally, a 7 foot by 7 foot open spot that allows you to lay, hop, or jump in any direction. Consider a TV on the wall should you want to stream workouts. Also consider a full length mirror so you can see yourself and check your form.

Step 2: Yoga Mat

Yoga mat or towel to cushion spine, knees etc.

Step 3: Dumbbells

If you just want to keep it light I recommend a little set that scales from 3lbs to 8lbs. However, if you are looking to do some serious heavy lifting you might want to consider making an investment in an adjustable pair. They run from 5lbs to 50lbs or 10lbs to 90lbs. These will cost you several hundred dollars, but you can do just about anything with them and they don’t take up a ton of space.

Step 4: Resistance Bands

A few pairs of solid resistance bands ranging from medium to strong tension

Step 5: Extras – if you have the space for them!

A piece of cardio equipment is a bonus 

A weight bench is useful but so is a chair or coffee table

A Kettle Bell, a TRX, a BOSU Ball, a Swiss Ball are nice too

A pull up bar wouldn’t hurt!

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