don’t be like Kimberly

Let me tell you about “Kimberly”

Let me tell you about “Kimberly.”

Kimberly has struggled with weight for years. As a mom, she’s always putting her family first. She’s tired of giving this diet and exercise thing a good go without ever seeing the results. 

She’s tired of the hamster wheel: She’ll make some serious progress — getting this close to fitting in those jeans hidden in the back of her closet — and then something pops up, like her son’s birthday or the kids get sick. Before she knows it, she’s eaten three pieces of cake, her exercise routine is shot and she gets down on herself, feeling hopeless, like there’s no point in trying anymore. 

So she slides back into old habits. Until one day her comfortable jeans aren’t so comfortable anymore. And she starts the process all over again. 

It’s a never ending cycle for Kimberly because she refuses to get off of the ride of body shame and food guilt.

Here is how I help Kimberly:

I tell her there is no shame in failing at something that is designed to ensure failure – dieting.

Through my behavior-focused coaching method, Kimberly will see when you’re trying one of the incredibly tough elimination diets or intermittent fasting, relying on willpower will NEVER BE ENOUGH.

There’s always a birthday party. Or a wedding. Or a graduation.  Kids will get sick. You’ll get sick. Work demands will increase. 

And let’s get real – maybe it’s just been a really tough Thursday and all you want is soda and your favorite dessert or beer and pizza 🙂

BUT guess what? 

There’s not a single thing wrong with that!

We are made to enjoy our food. After all, there’s no fun in eating tasteless cardboard, am I right?

Kimberly lost the fun in food. Obsessed about her weight and kept repeating the same cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Don’t be like Kimberly. 

Because unlike Kimberly, you can have both! You can enjoy your food without guilt or shame AND you can love the body you are in without obsessing over the number on the scale or the size of your jeans.

This is your opportunity to learn how to:

-Feel confident
-Feel empowered
-Enjoy food
-Create balance 
-Quiet your inner critic
-Appreciate your body’s cans versus cannots

You don’t have to sacrifice the pleasure of food, the extra time with your family, or the countless clothes you’ve written off as out of your league. 

Let me help you reach all of your body confidence goals with my 30 day consisentcy challenge #SwitchingGears.

Consistency wins the race. What you always do is what you’ll always do. Join my 30-day collective to turn hesitance into habits to move you forward. I guarantee that in 30 days, you’ll take more action than you would have all year. 

If you already know you want in please don’t wait to sign up. It’ll never get easier to sign up than right now. And if you wait till the next one, you’ll be behind; stuck on yet another hamster wheel cuz’ life happens and you’ll be kicking yourself for not starting sooner. Just envision yourself 30 days from now, having completed this challenge, empowered to continue your journey further, longer…April 13th is our kick-off date – get in now!

For $1 a day – yep – $30 for 30 days of anchor actions that will teach you to how create healthy, balanced everlasting habits.  

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you’ll get:

  1. My 30 Day calendar filled with fun, easy and no pressure daily challenges.
  2. Weekly Zoom Party with me and our #SwitchingGear ladies.
  3. Complete access to myself through email, phone and text whenever you need.
  4. 24/7 accountability and support with our #SwitchingGears private Facebook group 

This is an investment in your health. This is an investment in a better life for you, your loved ones and that future life you’ve been dreaming about. There’s nothing I want to see more than you ending the program feeling better than you ever have before!

I’m right there with you! xoLA

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