free 4 week accountability challenge

I am hosting a FREE 4-week accountability group on a private and closed FB group. You will identify 1-3 things you would like to hold yourself accountable for during the 4 weeks and we will help each other out. It does not have to be fitness or nutrition based. It can be both those things or it can be something totally different; for example, I want to get in 30 minutes of self care time / family time / time learning a new skill, etc…If you need help identifying YOUR accountability items, please let me know and we can figure it out together; it will be quick and painless process, I promise. Sometimes all it takes is me asking you a few questions and we pinpoint those accountability items right away.

This challenge will end the right before Thanksgiving.

Let me know if you would like to be in this coaching group. It requires active FB access. You will have some homework to do and you will have to be active a few times a week in the group. If you are in, shoot me an email with IN in the subject line and be sure I can find you on Facebook.



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