mindfulness monday – 3 action items

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your to-do list? Are you bombarded so much so that you have no idea where to begin? For today’s #mindfulnessmonday, I talk about how listing your 3 action items at the start of your day, can give you the ample amounts of energy you need to tackle those lengthy lists!

Your 3 action items are NOT the items on your “have to get done” lists. Your 3 action items should be the 3 things you do each day that REPLENISHES, RESTORES AND REJUVENATES your energy. Ask yourself, what 3 things do I have to do today, that will actually give me back energy so that I can tackle the day?

My 3 action items are:

#1) Exercise – exercise totally gets me revved up, and motivated to do all of the “have to” things I need to get done for the day. It sets the tone for my day and gives me a shitload of energy so keep keeping on. This is why for me, daily exercise is as routine and habitual as brushing my teeth. I get up and do it, even if I don’t want to in that moment.

#2) Learning about my craft – studying, reading, researching anything and everything involving #personaltraining and #coaching refuels my excitement and enjoyment for the work that I do. Bringing my clients fresh content and challenges makes me as happy as a clam (why is that a saying again LOL???).

#3) Writing – I actually love to write and had wanted to be a writer in college; although after many classes, red mark-ups and much rejection-that at the time-I couldn’t emotionally handle, I went the safe but somewhat creative route – majoring in marketing allowing me to write advertising copy, which I sort of did, when I was a Media Planner at a local advertising agency fresh out of college, many moons ago, in a former life.

I spoke about the 3 action items on my instagram and have saved that discussion in my Mindfulness Monday highlights. Check it out and comment below YOUR THREE ACTION ITEMS! I would love to hear from you!



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