aloha wow (workout of the week)

2CW-HI was to kick off Boot Camp last night; but Hawaii weather decided otherwise. Now we kick off on March 9th and here is the body weight circuit we will focus on!

Plus 1 

Start with a functional warm-up including some jogging and our dynamic series.

All exercises use your own body weight.

Your first round will be performing 1 rep of each exercise, one after another in the order listed below, including the 100 meter run.

For each additional round, you will increase the reps by 1. For example, on Round 1, you will do 1 rep of all listed below. On Round 2, you will do 2 reps of all listed below with a 200 meter run. On Round 3, you will do three reps of all listed below with a 300 meter run; so on and so forth.

You will continue to “Plus 1” until the 30 minute clock runs out.

For unilateral exercises (single leg or single arm), you must complete a rep for each leg or arm. For example when doing step ups in round 1, you will need to do 1 rep for your left leg and 1 rep for your right leg. In round 2, you will need to do 2 reps for your left leg and two reps for your right leg…

Hit em hard! Post pics! Let us know in our comment section how many rounds you got in 30 minutes!

  1. Squat
  2. Front step up (reps are per leg)
  3. Side step up (reps are per leg)
  4. Walking lunge (reps are per leg)
  5. Single leg glute raise (reps are per leg)
  6. Tricep dip
  7. Incline wall push up
  8. On the ground regular push up
  9. Hustler (reps are per arm)
  10. Full sit up
  11. Run 100 meters

Here is Mr. 2CW-HI, Lekeli hitting the Broman wow last weekend! He did good despite working through a bad calf strain! 


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