action expresses priorities…” week 32 update as I prep for my first body building competition

“Action expresses priorities.” – Ghandi

Weight: 136lb
Waist: 24”
Hips: 35”
Thigh: 18”

Recently I read this: “don’t wait for something to become a priority and then do it, make it a priority by doing it.”

I’ve spent the last 32 weeks making my big bucket list goal a priority. And although results may have not been as quick as I want them to be, I know with all of me that I’ve woke up daily with this goal at the forefront of my 🧠 and my ❤️.

When hubby is eating Taco Bell. 🌮 🌯 🧀

When I’m out with fiends and the French fries 🍟 look so darn good.

When I walk to the gym and pass by the best mom and pops donut 🍩 shop called Mr. Donut (my fave).

When I just want to stay in bed to Netflix and chill instead of getting my exercise in.

When as I’m nursing an injury, I just want to do nothing. The other voice saying “you deserve to rest.”

I’ve always been this person. A person who gets stuff done despite ideal circumstances. As Ronda Rousey once said, “I ain’t a DNB – a Do Nothing Bitch.”

So it’s been a hard pill 💊 to swallow to contemplate that maybe the last 32 weeks have not been what I assumed them to be.

This is my baby, my big goal and mine alone. And I’m here taking action just as I’ve always been.

Fearful but excited for new things.

Grateful for all experiences and mentorship that got me here.

I had a heck of a lot of help, for sure, but though it all, I have been the one showing up and getting shit done. No matter the obstacle. No matter the push back. No matter the detour in the road.

Stay tuned babes!

Autonomy is sexy.

Give yourself more credit.

We’ve got this! 😬🫣😀

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