you gotta love yourself before anyone else can love you

I used to crash💥& burn 🔥 on my fad diets often; at least once per week!

I followed such restrictive food rules that once I “fell off,” I told myself “well, might as well make it an epic one.”

When I was in it, I didn’t understand that forcing myself to adhere to food rules and put foods on an off-limit list always made me want those foods a gazillion times more.

After much therapy, I realized I was a classic binge/restrict dieter.

If you’re struggling with this right now, please know that there are many of us who’ve been there. And although we all have to figure out what works best for ourselves, please don’t beat yourself up about not getting it “right” or “perfect” or whatever it is you tell yourself about it.

The solution is NOT to diet harder or exercise more!

When therapists first told me to just eat certain foods I kept out of the house, I thought they were bat 🦇shit 💩 crazy 😜. I wasn’t emotionally ready or available to understand it at that time.

And this is why I go hard for tracking macros. For me, a life long yo-yo 🪀 dieter, macro tracking has provided me with a healthier food mindset. Now if I really want something, I track whatever it is I am craving. Maybe it’s not an entire portion I “think” I need to be satisfied, it is a portion that hits the spot and helps me to better understand how I use food to cope with my feelings.

Happy Wednesday babes! Don’t forget to LOVE YOURSELF!

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