are you making this epic dieting mistake – eating back exercise calories

Fat loss requires a consistent calorie deficit. Maximum muscle gain requires a consistent calorie surplus. Weight maintenance requires a balance between intake and output.

In short, eating back the calories burned during exercise is a sure-fire way to accidentally overeat set back your weight loss efforts.

With My Macros Made Easy approach, a portion of your calorie deficit required to get leaner comes from the energy burned during exercise. Thus, if you ate those calories back, you’d more or less erase your calorie deficit and halt your progress.

Most ladies decrease their calories and increase their cardiovascular exercise when it comes to weight loss. And sure this strategy works in the short term, but, they also lose a lot of muscle and struggle with hunger, cravings, and all of the other unwanted side effects associated with low-calorie dieting. This is why we track macros and this is why my Macros Made Easy approach is the best way to attain your goals!

With Macros Made Easy, we:

1. Determine how many calories you’re burning every day

2. Determine how many calories you should eat every day to achieve your body composition goal and then break those calories down into very specific macro ratios best for YOUR BODY!

3. Use that ratio to create a macros made easy meal plan that provides that many calories and that many macros; a meal plan that is effortless and enjoyable INCLUSIVE of all foods!

If you want to learn more about the art and science of eating foods you like and doing workouts you love to get the body you want, BE SURE to sign up for my Macros Made Easy Virtual Masterclass this Thursday, November 14th at 1pm HST.

In this virtual masterclass, I will teach you how to calculate your starting macros based on where you are at, right now. 

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