little bites, sneaky fat busters

We all try to pay close attention to what we eat, but the little bites and nibbles we take through the day add up. Most of us don’t think those calories “count” because they’re not a meal or a snack.

But one of the most common reasons weight-loss plans stall is because of these little “tastes.” Take a look at my six little bites which I’ve been guilty of all. If you only tasted one of these every day for a year, you’d gain around six pounds, all from nibbles, tastes and bites!

This is not to prevent you from your bites. It’s a part of my Mindset of Moderation coaching. Have the bites! But also be mindful of them. With my approach, you can eat anything, any time. It’s about making sure you are not dealing with other feelings when doing so!

Need help?

I’m looking to work with a small group of women who are suffering from the scenarios above and are really struggling with creating healthy, sustainable habits that free them from extremes, with food, with fitness or with avoidance of it all because it’s too hard to mentally deal with. I got you BB. Message me to join our next vibe_365 tribe! We start March 1st!

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