scarcity vs abundance

For most of my years, I’ve operated in a #scarcitymindset; mainly when dealing with finances.

I let go of opportunities to invest in myself and my business; opportunities that I WANTED but WAITED on…

Waited UNTIL I got a new client; made “X” amount of money…

Always choosing the cheaper option even when things seemed out of place…

For 4 years, I rented gym space in an environment that felt off; but it was the less risky and less expensive option, so I did what I ALWAYS did – made the SAFE choice for my pocketbook, but not the preferred choice for my mind and soul.

And for 4 years, I thought if I was just the best “tenant” doing all the things that I was supposed to do, I would be fine…

Every day, the environment energy was off. I was always walking on egg shells. I did more and the gym owner expected more. I became SAD. I became SCARED. I was ANXIOUS. What mood would he be in today? I kept telling myself “If I just do better…”

I knew that I wanted to leave. But I wasn’t BRAVE. I waited until he yelled, got angry, said very mean things to me, for me to finally STAND IN MY TRUTH. It took a BULLY to mentally beat me down during an over 3 hour meeting to know in my head and my heart that I HAD TO LEAVE.

When he forced me to give him a hug, telling me that they loved me, I thought “IS THIS WHAT ABUSED PEOPLE FEEL?”

I was sad. Emotional. Angry. Fucking pissed off that ME, a strong ass female, allowed myself to be in this position.

Well you know what? The Universe teaches us lessons. We go through shit to be better. To be stronger. To realize our WORTH.

I uprooted my entire business to get the fuck out of there. And I was scared shitless. I second guessed my decision. When the gym owner tried to force me to speak with him to resolve my craziness,” in my head, I contemplated it. I thought it would be so much easier to negotiate. Lay down my demands. Stay and keep my business intact as is.

And I had a flashback to all the times I pleaded with my mother to leave our abusive father. How much I was upset with her for staying.

And I woke the FUCK UP! No one deserves to be mistreated, bullied, yelled at, talked down to, intimidated, controlled, manipulated…

And so I moved gyms. And found a place where the gym owner wants us to grow. He nurtures his business and thus we all thrive. He invests in us and so we are confident to invest back into ourselves. He treats us as equals and fosters team work.

I’ve been at this new gym for 3 months and in these short 3 months, he has hosted 3 team seminars. He’s provided a stipend for continuing education. He’s organized team builder events such as our most recent axe throwing outing pictured below.

I’ve found my new home ❤️

Do you operate from a #scarcitymindset or an #abundancemindset?

I’m learning, growing and making the switch with gentle nudges from my tribe every day. 💪🏾🌺❤️



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