it’s all in your head

It’s been exactly six days since I left the comfort of my little nook in Honolulu where my space and energy were meticulously scheduled out. If you are a serial killer, you would have been able to pin point my exact location purely out of my sheer discipline and extreme adherence to regimen without havingContinue reading “it’s all in your head”

scarcity vs abundance

For most of my years, I’ve operated in a #scarcitymindset; mainly when dealing with finances. I let go of opportunities to invest in myself and my business; opportunities that I WANTED but WAITED on… Waited UNTIL I got a new client; made “X” amount of money… Always choosing the cheaper option even when things seemedContinue reading “scarcity vs abundance”

FUN-ctional fri-YAY – da squat

Please be patient with me, I am new at this, but I’m determined, so I am sure I’ll improve with practice!