thur 5:30pm OCTOBER class schedule

Join us every THURSDAY at BOCA HI, 330 Cooke Street for our specialty 2CW-HI classes!

Here are the details for this month!

Oct 10: Crazy Circuits
There are will be many stations and no getting off. This is no ordinary high intensity interval circuit. You and your comrades will laugh and cry as you work your way around. Meanwhile, your heart will wonder what it ever did to deserve such treatment. Good luck.

Oct 17: Hybrid
Pray you get a good partner because you’ll be going through hell together as you share the pain and kick butt in this supercharged session. This class is partner-based and combines innovative strength and core work with cardio walk-jog-run intervals to build the stability and explosive strength.

Oct 23: Body Blast
A great calorie burner using your own body weight to build muscles of steel, ending with abs and a stretch to finish.

Oct 31: All Hallow’s Eve
Engage in some devilish play before you trick o’ treat! We are brining back our deck of cards with a twist! Will you finish the deck in time? You better or else!


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