macros made easy – can I eat too many protein bars?

Yep! Eating too many #proteinbars can send your tummy into a tail spin.

How much is too much?
This really depends on the person.

I recommend no more than one protein bar and one protein shake per day max for my #macrosmadeeasy clients.

I know it’s so easy to fall into the convenience trap – often grabbing bars and shakes to nail your protein macros.

And while it’s okay to do this every now and again, I don’t recommend that you use this approach often.

🤜🏽 protein bars can sometimes have added sugar. Beware that your protein bar isn’t just a candy bar in disguise.

🤜🏽 protein bars usually contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose and other gut irritants like soy lecithin.

These ingredients often cause G.I. distress leaving you gassy and bloated 🤰🏽.

🤜🏽 quality of the ingredients in most protein bars are sub-par.

If you are using these convenience protein sources often, you may not be providing your body with the high quality nutrition it requires to repair and build your muscles, especially if you are lifting consistently!

Here are my tips for choosing your protein bars:

✔️sugars in a “healthy” protein bar shouldn’t exceed the grams of protein.

✔️bars should contain 8 grams protein minimum

✔️bars should only contain 13 grams of sugar maximum!

✔️bars should contain 3 grams of fiber minimum!

Here’s my go-tos:

-RXBar chocolate sea salt

-GoMacro Macrobar Protein Paradise, Cashew Caramel

What’s your go-to protein bar?


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