Lee-Ann has been coaching me to ditch diets and instead practice mindful eating and mindful movement. It took months of practice for me to “reset” my mind and actually listen to my body. But now, I’m losing weight and it feels effortless. I’m not counting calories, I just stop eating when I’ve had enough. If I’m hungry, I eat. I crave healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge in a piece of chocolate or a dessert here and there, and I do it without guilt because I know an occasional treat won’t derail me. I feel like my body is settling into where it’s supposed to be.
-Kristin Nakagawa

Lee-Ann Watanabe has been my Trainer for 5+ years. She is the only trainer I have ever work with. From the beginning she knew what I needed and over the years of my up’s and down’s she has continuously modified my workout whether due to a physical issues or due to travel breaks. As long as Lee-Ann will is still providing training to solo clients like me, she will be my only trainer. Thanks Lee-Ann, at 70 yrs old, I feel better than I did when I was 50.
-Kenneth Richardson

Kristin has been a long time client who started to comment that her extremely low energy levels were unexplainable; her sleep patterns were all over the place and her evening hunger and cravings were to her, out-of-control. Through my 3M Method, we worked together to really pin point the messages her body was telling her. We used this biofeedback as data to create a wellness plan that finally settled into where she is at now – in a wellness lifestyle that is effortless. Did this happen over night? Of course not. She stayed committed to the journey; let go of expectations and switched her mindset to see all realms of progress, as successes versus just weighing her worth on the scale.

I’ve know Lee-Ann for years. She brings a high caliber of professionalism to working with her clients. Its a real world perspective towards nutrition and fitness. She knows the walk,.so listen to her talk!
-Amor Moore

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