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I noticed my neighbor Talia Fejerang Untalan starting to include weekly jogs into her workout routine, so of course, I had to encourage her every chance I got. I’m always so proud to see people taking charge of their health and fitness, and I could tell Talia was determined.

During our exchange, she mentioned wanting to run a half marathon (131.1 miles) but didn’t think she could. BUT I KNEW SHE COULD, so I said if she wanted, I would provide her with a customized training program according to her ability and her schedule; after all, Talia also has a full time job as a Postal Carrier and as a MOM! I emailed her schedule and she did the rest!

Talia is pictured below finishing her first half marathon race on November 10, 2019. When I saw her after the race, back at our apartment building, I gave her a HUGE congrats! Her reply shocked me – she said “I couldn’t have done it without you!”

And folks, this is why I love the path I am currently on – making impact on lives in so many ways, ways we often, as coaches and trainers, don’t even realize. Talia had the work ethic and persistence to do the training; all she needed was a gentle nudge from me, to steer her along her chosen path!

Talia was gracious to write me this sweet letter…

“Today I completed my first HALF MARATHON! Before that I had only done the Great Aloha Run, and even then I wasn’t really prepared. I ran/walked it for fun with a friend who really enjoyed running, but I had only been running 2-4miles maybe twice a week only to help me lose weight and get into shape. I could only dream of being able to run longer distances!

Thank you so much for believing that I could make this a reality. I wouldn’t have even given this half marathon a second thought if it weren’t for your words of encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to figure out a training schedule for me. You didn’t have to go through the trouble, and to me that really showed the passion you have for helping people become better, stronger, healthier versions of themselves. I never thought I would ever be able to do 13 miles! So thank you for making that happen.

I feel like because I’ve come this far, I can’t stop now! One day I WILL complete a marathon, and I’ll continue to train. All it took was for you to tell me that I CAN.”


Talia Untalan


2CW-HI Client Kristin – making self care a priority! Success can’t always be measured on the scale or your body size… (Oct 28, 2019)

Testimonial KN OCt 2019

Client Misty getting her cardio in – on her own – using a challenge with friends to stay #accountable! Love this! (Oct 22, 2019)

Dr. Ngoc

Dr. Ngoc is a 35 year old female client that has a very demanding job as a College Professor. She began working with Lee-Ann to prioritize her health. Being new to Honolulu, Ngoc’s main goals where to be HAWAII active ( hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, surfing) without getting tired or winded. Here’s a recent text I received from after our workout session:

“You saved me a trip to ER today, I slipped on stairs and fell on stairs by grabbing on to the railing, if i was tighter I would have fell down the whole stairs or hit my head…working out to stay alive and unhurt; forget bikinis.” Ngoc Phan, Sep 2019


George is an endurance athlete that runs a busy and thriving massage practice. When he decided to register for a three day trail race, he began our 2CW-HI classes to supplement his trails work. George realized that he needed to include agility, core, balance and strength training into his regimen to protect his body from all that the trails has to offer, which unfortunately includes falling! Here’s a comment he left us the day after he took our class:

“I’m a little quivery this morning but know I’m just a bit stronger! All I could think of carrying that medicine ball over my head going up and down the stairs was how much it was going to help me on my 3-day stage trail race next month!” – George Davis, Sep 2019

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