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Free workouts to add to your #LevelUp lean muscle building programs!

In all of my videos, I break down these exercises for the BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and the ADVANCED. I also include how to do these exercises with BODYWEIGHT, a DUMBBELL and a KETTLEBELL. These are the types of customized programs I provide for my 1:1 coaching clients in my #LevelUP program; a lean muscle building program for women.

Here is today’s workout: Complete 4 rounds for time
1 minute plank
20 total (10 per leg) front rack lunges
15 push ups
10 swings
20 wall balls

Here is today’s workout: 5 rounds for time + 2 burpees every minute
25 KB swings
15 box jumps
10 pull ups

Set timer for at least 5 to 15 minutes depending on how much time you have. Spend 30-seconds on each area, per side and repeat until the timer goes off. Find tender spots and hold tension in that spot for at least 30-seconds. Do not spend the entire 30-seconds rolling the area back and forth; rather, find a point of tension, apply as much pressure to that spot as tolerable and hold for 30-seconds then move on and find a new spot. Continue that pattern for the entire time allotted.

I show YOU how to do this with only body weight, dumbbells or 1 kettlebell. 

Here is today’s workout: Complete 4 rounds for time
Push Press x 10 reps
OH Squat x 10 reps
Thruster x 10 reps
Front Squat x 10 reps

In today’s WOD (#4) for this month, I show you how to do this for ALL levels and with Body Weight only, a Kettlebell or a Dumbbell!

Here is today’s workout: Complete 3 rounds for time
Deadlift 10 reps
Cleans or Hustlers 10 reps
Rows 10 reps
Mountain Climbers :45 seconds

I demo for ALL levels with KB, DBS or Body weight! 

30 push ups “buy in” then 
6 rounds of:
1 minute sprint (run, bike, mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks, etc…)
30 push ups “cash out”

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