my approach to holiday eating

I know first hand how holiday eating can wreak havoc on your mind! You may think, “I’ll get in a long hard workout so I won’t feel guilty about Thanksgiving food.” You may say, “I’ll starve all day to save calories for my Thanksgiving meal.” I played this food obsession game for a really reallyContinue reading “my approach to holiday eating”

how to balance your exercise

Having balance in your life is important. As a Honolulu based personal and virtual trainer, I’m frequently asked how much time should clients spend on resting, lifting, doing cardio, stretching… The KEY is to include the core components of a well rounded fitness routine. You can remember it this way: Make sure your exercise routineContinue reading “how to balance your exercise”

i knew this would happen

Excessive cardio caught up with me…. or maybe age did 😝 Either way it took about 20 years! In a very small space of my brain 🧠 (teenie tiny) I knew this would eventually happen; that my over cardio and low calorie dieting days would became unbecoming.  Through my years, I’ve seen the rebound whenContinue reading “i knew this would happen”

what is your why?

Most of my clients have a weight loss or body fat loss goal. But it’s never really about losing weight. Over my 20 years of training experience as a female in person and online personal trainer in Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, I have 100% certainty that having a simple “loss” goal of some sort isn’t juicyContinue reading “what is your why?”

who the 21 day fitness fix isn’t for…

AN EXCUSER – when push comes to shove, this 21 day fitness fix isn’t for someone who relies on excuses to get a pass. No energy and no time won’t cut it here. The emails will take less than 5 minutes of your space and your daily anchor action will give you important insight intoContinue reading “who the 21 day fitness fix isn’t for…”

health hiccup – are you tossing & turning?

Aloha! Today I wrap up the 6 most common health hiccups many of my clients had experienced prior to our work together. As a Honolulu based virtual trainer and personal trainer, I help women find a sustainable food and fitness plan they can commit to long term. Here’s our recap:Health Hiccup #1: Forgetting About MuscleHealthContinue reading “health hiccup – are you tossing & turning?”

signs of a good workout…

For a really long time, I associated this with a good workout: Pain-exhausted-sweating-high heart rate And granted, during specific instances (racing triathlon), all of *those* feelings were #expected.  But then my entire workout attitude got all fucked up and I associated all that as being ABSOLUTELY necessary for a “worthy” workout; which meant I wasContinue reading “signs of a good workout…”

health hiccup #5: making too many big changes, too quickly.

Happy Sunday Fit Fam! We are at #5 of the 6 most common health hiccups my clients make before we begin our work together. Here is what we have discovered so far: Health Hiccup #1: Forgetting About MuscleHealth Hiccup #2: Ignoring Your Body’s CuesHealth Hiccup #3: Scale Weight ObsessionHealth Hiccup #4: Skipping Meals The 5thContinue reading “health hiccup #5: making too many big changes, too quickly.”

health hiccup #4: skipping meals

Happy Weekend Fam! Today is Day 4 of the 6 most common health hiccups my tribe suffered through before they started my 3M lifestyle switch with me!  My 3M Method: Mindfulness 🧘🏽‍♀️ Move 🏋️‍♂️ Moderate 🍱  To recap, here’s what we covered so far: Health Hiccup #1: Forgetting Muscle Health Hiccup #2: Ignoring Body’s CuesContinue reading “health hiccup #4: skipping meals”

health hiccup #3 – focusing solely on scale weight, sound familiar?

Welcome back! Over the past few days, I have been writing about the 6 most common health hiccups my ideal clients experience before we start our work together. Hiccup #1 I called my Cardio queens, all my ladies using only cardio to chase a weight loss goal. My 3M Fast Fix is for my ladiesContinue reading “health hiccup #3 – focusing solely on scale weight, sound familiar?”