sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit

Sneaky ways to make #exercise a #habit  We all want to do it – exercise and eat right. And we have the BEST intentions, but before we know it, we fall into too many #Netflix binges; we hit #snooze one too many times and it’s months before we begin the exercise contemplation process again –Continue reading “sneak ways to make #exercise a #habit”

biggest health hiccups – are you making one?

Over the 20 years experience in working with my ladies over 30, I have found 6 common health hiccups they are making when we start our work together. Over the next 6 days, I’ll be teaching you what each hiccup is and how to avoid it! When I first meet my tribe, they are settledContinue reading “biggest health hiccups – are you making one?”

slow is shitty, but slow is sustainable

I know first hand how slow results can be frustrating, stressful and just plain shitty. I’ve chased the results wagon for a real long time. I’ve done the quick fixes. I’m guilty of programming the extremes as a total newbie trainer who didn’t know any better (and TBH who was also stuck in her ownContinue reading “slow is shitty, but slow is sustainable”

is somebody watching over you?

Somebody watching OVER you is a great thing!  I help women transform their relationship with fitness & food to create a sustainable lifestyle they love.  It’s not a short term, quick fix, cookie cutter approach. It’s going to take the same amount of effort and work as those fad diets you’ve been juggling 🤹‍♂️ allContinue reading “is somebody watching over you?”

what type of exerciser are you?

I offer group coaching, DIY Programs, 1:1 (One on One) Private Coaching, and Dual Training (a combo of 1:1 and DIY). The most common question I get asked is “But Lee-Ann, how do I know which program is right for me?” In today’s live, I go over a few key things you should consider toContinue reading “what type of exerciser are you?”

trainer tip tue: lifting + running

It’s Trainer tip Tuesday! Strength training will help not hurt your running. Here is a sample run and weekly lift program. Weight training for runners will accomplish three major goals: decrease injury prevention, increase muscular power, and improve neuromuscular coordination. Depending on the source, 35 to 80% of runners will get hurt every single year.Continue reading “trainer tip tue: lifting + running”

it’s a slow process. do i quit?

I’ve been spending all of this year on the trails; looking to to reignite my passion for racing and wanting to spend more time, effort and mostly, energy, moving my body in an organic way – moving through the environment – running, walking, climbing, and yes, slipping, falling (LOL)… Well it didn’t take long forContinue reading “it’s a slow process. do i quit?”

join us – weekly morning run

Triathlon is a pre-fixe menu featuring swim, bike, run for consumers who tend to be OCD, ADD or both. I mean, what human would do all that for fun? Well, a shit load in fact, myself included for over a single decade. In January, we come out of hibernation; waking up way too early on the weekends; sporting way tooContinue reading “join us – weekly morning run”