will eating fat make me fat?

Are you afraid of fats? If so, you’re not alone. Fat has been vilified in America since the low fat diet craze in the 90’s. Remember Snackwell products? Or the flood of any fat free, low fat dessert treat on store shelves? I do. I was an avid Snackwell eater, despite all the GI distressContinue reading “will eating fat make me fat?”

4 steps to hack your habit

THE FIX FOR CRAVINGS! Dr. Jade Teta and Dr. Keoni Teta have released a great book, Lose Weight Now! I’ve listed their recommended steps to hack a habit you are trying to change. These steps helped me curb my late night TV watching which created one too many glasses of wine! Be sure to watchContinue reading “4 steps to hack your habit”

how strength training saved me from a life of starvation

In 1997, I was young and heartbroken. I literally weighed my worth with well, my scale weight. I joined Jenny Craig because I believed if I was skinny, I would be lovable. In 7 months, I lost 45 pounds and I was skinny, but I was miserable. I was losing hair. My period stopped. IContinue reading “how strength training saved me from a life of starvation”

5 minute monday metcon

5 reps – 5 exercises – 1- 5 rounds for time!5x squat-lunge-squat-lunge (all that is 1 rep)5x weighed squat thruster5x weighted sumo squat5x bent over back row5x bent over tricep kickbacks

set up your home gym, on the cheap!

Setting up a home gym can be done easily and affordably. Step 1: Space You don’t need much space, ideally, a 7 foot by 7 foot open spot that allows you to lay, hop, or jump in any direction. Consider a TV on the wall should you want to stream workouts. Also consider a full length mirrorContinue reading “set up your home gym, on the cheap!”

emo eating is a lonely battle

2020 has been a B for sure, am I right? If you’ve struggled with emotional eating, eating out of boredom or any other type of eating challenge, 2020 and COVID-19 has been sure to test your emotional eating. Moments when you’re feeling sad, angry, stressed, anxious, scared or all of the above because of thingsContinue reading “emo eating is a lonely battle”

new moon musings = zoom class manifestation

Today is a New Moon. I will be ending today’s Zoom small group fitness training with a new moon manifestation meditation. This is a FEE-BASED class payable by Venmo or Paypal. Here is the info to join: We will workout for 45 minutes then end with this. If you want, you can also do myContinue reading “new moon musings = zoom class manifestation”

habits make or break u

Habits good or bad don’t happen over night. Habits are learned, in your family, as a child. Habits are created out of all emotions – happiness, joy, sadness, anger, fear, frustration… Habits can make or break you. But no matter what your habit, it took some time to create that habit. Habits are behaviors whichContinue reading “habits make or break u”

5 minute metcon – CHIPPER workout

My #SwitchingGears 30-day consistency challenge group is killing it. We are at the start of week 2, and this is their week’s #metcon, a 5 minute per round chipper workout. No equipment needed. Any level. Any where. Exercises: push ups, supermans and mountain climbers Reps: 20 reps* of each, then 15 reps* of each, thenContinue reading “5 minute metcon – CHIPPER workout”

love to hate the plank – 3 ways

Let me show you 3 ways for an exercise we love to hate – the PLANK: Beginner / Standard / Extended  If there’s one exercise we all love to hate and hate to love it’s this one. A plank is a simple effective bodyweight exercise that requires no equipment and can be performed just aboutContinue reading “love to hate the plank – 3 ways”