My 3M Method

Over the years, as a Hawaii based female “gym” trainer I rebelled against the fitness model. Exercise was 1 small part of a host of stuff going on within a client’s body. I rarely use the title Honolulu Personal Trainer or Workout Trainer because I feel that wellness is so much much more!

As I transitioned into running my own Oahu wellness coaching business, I developed a 3 pronged approach for my clients. Called the 3M Method, I believe 100% that only through Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation, will a person be able to create a solid and sustainable healthy foundation that is ever lasting.

Watch my video below to get 2 examples of Mindful exercises you can do today to help reduce stress and anxiety as well as reset and reengage yourself to a calm center. ❤️

If you are interested in enrolling in my 3M Method, please complete your intake forms by clicking on the link below. It is 10 pages. Please take your time completing these forms as they will provide very valuable information for our work together.

Please contact me with questions.

vibe_365 Intake & Coaching Form (10 pages)


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