it’s never the right time

This past weekend, I was excited to attend the Brookbush Institute Human Movement Science Corrective Exercise Lab; 16 hours of education built around assessment, mobility and integration of common dysfunction patterns we see in most clients across the board. 2020 has been filled with much of this – taking risks with exciting and yes, scaryContinue reading “it’s never the right time”

ask a trainer – tight back & shoulders

Ask a Trainer Tuesday!  Q: My upper back and shoulders feel SO TIGHT. What can I do, Lee-Ann? A: Release, Mobilize and Lengthen!  STAY TUNED for my mini band circuit video that will cover this 3-step process: Release, Mobilize and Lengthen!  Will you try this? If so, the first one to send me a shortContinue reading “ask a trainer – tight back & shoulders”