a boxing match – my ulcerative colitis story part 2

It was the first time I had to fill so many prescriptions at once. It was the first time, I had to take anything more than a birth control pill (30 plus pills to be exact). It was my first pharmaceutical cocktail and you know what? That shit worked like a CHAMP! *Prednisone – madeContinue reading “a boxing match – my ulcerative colitis story part 2”


Are you someone with a very specific project or task in mind that you just haven’t been able to finish, and are finally ready to do something about it? I have 2 spots open in February for my “THE ONE BIG THING THAT I NEED TO DO NOW” Coaching Bundle. We start with your personalContinue reading ““THE 1 BIG THING THAT I NEED TO DO NOW””

exercise and GI stuff – FAQ

I get a lot of questions about exercising with GI issues. If you follow me on Instagram (@leeann.watanabe or @guts.gal), I frequently answer them on my live stories. Q1: Can I exercise with GI issues? Q2: What exercises can I do with GI issues? Q3: I’m so fearful of being at the gym or inContinue reading “exercise and GI stuff – FAQ”

triple D method to goal setting – u can do it

@jillfit’s Triple D method to goal setting 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 GOT GOALS?  Having trouble reaching them? Procrastinating? Don’t know where to start?  I have (3) THREE spots in February open for my 30-minute in person accountability sessions. Let me help you! Is it SCARY? Nope.  We meet at a coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵 shop, or weContinue reading “triple D method to goal setting – u can do it”

my 6 tips for exercising with a GI disorder

I’ve always been active, but when I began having gastrointestinal issues as a young adult, it put a serious cramp in my exercise routine. When I first started my running adventures, I would be running with friends during leisure stroll and all of a sudden, I had to go to the bathroom. I would find a bathroomContinue reading “my 6 tips for exercising with a GI disorder”

a losing battle – my Ulcerative Colitis story part 1

I remember the day clearly. I had completed my first race ever; a 36 mile ultra marathon with 10,000 feet elevation up Haleakala, called Run to the Sun. That same year, I went on to run my first Honolulu marathon and unlike the amazing performance I had at The Run to the Sun, this raceContinue reading “a losing battle – my Ulcerative Colitis story part 1”

why i left an unhealthy business relationship

This year, I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone because 2019 taught me valuable lessons in my business. Lesson Learned #1: If you have a gut feeling about a particular person you plan on entering into a partnership with, go with your gut feeling. Don’t give that person the benefit of the doubt.Continue reading “why i left an unhealthy business relationship”

7 signs you are burning fat

The scale isn’t the best measure of progress due to the simple fact that the scale can’t differentiate between what is muscle, what is fat, what is water or anything else – all it does is measure the relationship your body mass has with gravity. With my clients, I use several types of measurements toContinue reading “7 signs you are burning fat”

be comfortable being uncomfortable

I have a list of mantras I’ve created with my clients over the years; a list I refer to as LAWisms. With over 20 years teaching, coaching and training experience, I have many lawisms. And no, I don’t consider my way to be THE LAW; but the nickname stuck when my triathlon training buddy referredContinue reading “be comfortable being uncomfortable”

can i exercise too much?

In this week’s wellness Wednesday IG live mini training, I tackled a client question: can I exercise too much? Let’s play Jeopardy, why don’t we? Ken Jennings: Alex, I’ll take Wellness Wednesday for $1,000 Alex: You got it Ken! This occurs when a person exceeds their body’s ability to recover from strenuous exercise Ken Jennings:Continue reading “can i exercise too much?”