buyer beware

From my previous entry, you know I’m on the hunt for a hip replacement (hahaha). In my search, I was on a bargain hunt since I do not have chiropractic care on my medical insurance. Casey, one of my 24cycle spin cult followers (wink-wink-wink) and every-so-often race buddy, referred me to Dr. Jin Kim at ManoaContinue reading “buyer beware”

I’m not aging, I’m evolving

39 was so last year. The best is yet to come.  I’m really 18 with 22 years of experience.  The turning 40 quotes are endless and funny as F*** I turned 39.95 plus shipping and handling on January 26th. And the only thing I truly, madly, deeply miss are my 25-year old joints. I rememberContinue reading “I’m not aging, I’m evolving”