invisible illness

Can you guess what super power I possess? Do I possess telepathy or the power of flight? Hmm, maybe its shape-shifting or the ability to time travel. What about mind control or heat vision? No, nope, and nada. I have the power of INVISIBLE ILLNESS! Have you heard about this unique power? Invisible illness is the ability toContinue reading “invisible illness”

aloha wow (workout of the week)

Pressed for time? Use either of these workouts below to get an effective workout in a flash. Shoulder Pump: Do 3 sets of the following, without any rest between exercises. Rest 30 seconds at the end of each set. Dumbbell shoulder press 10 reps Dumbbell lateral raises 10 reps Dumbbell front raises 10 reps DumbbellContinue reading “aloha wow (workout of the week)”